The Easter Season

With the interesting time we’ve had around my house lately, I’ve not had much time to write or to blog.  What with boat-building, spring property cleaning, Easter church, and wood-working, writing has taken a temporary back-burner position.

That said, things should be calming down sometime soon,  so I’ll be back in full force.  (Lucky you.)  Our Easter church consisted of attending midnight mass in the Dallas-Ft.Worth area, which meant a trip of approximately 2 1/2 hours each way, all in the same night.  Since we got back around 4:30 and still had some minor chores to do, I decided not to bother going to bed.  The result of that, aside from being bone tired, was the early A.M. completion of my newest “Hunter” short story.

As those of you who read this blog know, that story is going to “Clarkesworld” magazine, so please, cross your fingers for me.  With a little bit of luck, I might actually get in.  In either case, though, you’ll be reading “Hunter’s Tales – Make a Monkey Out of Me” some time in the next few weeks.  If it makes the magazine, I’ll be putting it up here shortly afterwards.  If it doesn’t, I’ll be putting it up shortly after relieving the rejection slip.  It’s a win-win situation for you, so keep an eye out.

On a slightly different note, since I’m finally finishing my sailboat, the Bolero, there’s a good chance that you’ll be reading some sailing short stories.  It’s even possible that they might have a grain of truth to them.  Of course, if I tell you one day that I’m going sailing and then you never hear from me again, you know what happened.

Happy Easter.

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