The Hunter Bookmarks are in!!

*cue the celebratory music*

Yeah!!  The bookmarks I ordered came today!!

*and I’m excited, if you can’t tell*

HuntermarkcollageThey’re around 6in x 2in, just right for the average book.  I even splurged and went for the rounded corners. (massive expenditure that was, I gotta tell ya!)  The printer had some sort of January deal for doing both sides with the coating, so I went for that, too.  It feels awesome!  The bookmarks don’t feel like any cheap card-stock print-off.  They’re almost like plastic, instead of paper and they’re nice and slick.

And the print came out beautifully.  I was a little worried that my graphics might not match up right, since the printer’s set-up page required me to have a certain amount of ‘extra’ that would hang off the bookmark.  But it came out perfect.  The text is centered properly and the unusual font I chose came out even better.  It’s definitely not run-of-the-mill, but it’s not hard to read, either.

Okay, sure, there WERE couple of problems, but nothing that will keep me from going back to the same printer for more.  The shipping caused a bit of trouble, since I wanted them shipped to a post office box and the printer couldn’t handle that.  And the rounded edges aren’t perfect on all the bookmarks , but a little trimming fixes that, so I won’t complain.

Just to show you how excited I really am, here are a couple of shots with me and the sheaf of new bookmarks.

The obligatory and expected author shot. Just future reference, I don’t usually grin that much. Getting these in the mail really made my day!!
And the celebratory fist-pump. This photo may or may not have been snapped without my permission. You’ll never know.

In a few days, I may have a page up where you can buy them, depending on how the research into the sales tax laws go.  Keep a weather eye out for it!

It’s been a good Monday, people.  Tonight, I get to fall asleep with a Hunter bookmark in my novel.  That’s just gotta mean it was a great day, right?

20 thoughts on “The Hunter Bookmarks are in!!

  1. Looks fantastic! LOL about the photo that may or may not have been snapped without your permission. 😀

    • I’m thrilled with them! They’re SO much better than I was prepared for. 😀

      And you will NEVER know which it was!

  2. Wow, they look really great! I’m hoping it will be possible to purchase an amazing Hunter bookmark in the very near future…hint, hint!! 😀

  3. Mad

    Are you happy now?

  4. Mad


  5. I know I’m reading this late, but this is awesome! Major congrats! They look great. 🙂

    • Thank you. *bow* I was really thrilled with them!! (still am, technically)

      Would you be interested in buying one?

      • Who is the artist? 🙂
        I might be in the future! They’re very cool. Right now I’m on a tight budget (writer’s life, saving every penny, lol).

        • My sister, actually. She’s quite clever with a sharpened bit of graphite. 😀

          Awesome. (And I totally understand the writer’s budget restrictions. 😉 I’m selling bookmarks, so… I can relate. XD)

          • Looks like she’ll have a great future as an artist!
            Glad you understand. 🙂 Yeah, it’s one of those #authorprobs. But hopefully, one day, some wonderful day, the world will realize how awesome our books are and buy them all out, and no more budget problems will exist! *determined face* It shall happen!

          • Sadly, she’s actually more interested in the freelance editing side of things. Wouldn’t have guessed that.

            ROTFL. Darn right. We’ll get there, by hook or by crook. (personally, I prefer crook; hooks hurt) XD

          • By crook it is, then! Onward we rise to join the Best Sellers gang! 😀 And soon, the My Book Was Made into a Movie gang!

          • Forward!! Charge!! And my book only goes to movie if I get to make a cameo appearance. 😀

          • Cameo, sweet! Yeah 😀 Which character would you play?

          • Some unimportant character nobody will notice until I point it out. 😉 Don’t want to get in the way of the story. 😀

          • Putting the story before yourself, I admire that. 🙂

          • *bows* Thank you. I’ve spent far too much effort into creating it to ruin it just to be onscreen. XD

          • Haha, true, true! I like to point people to my work instead of to myself, so I get what you’re saying. 😀

          • Exactly. If I wanted to be in the limelight, I’d have been an actor, ‘stead of a writer. 😉

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