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This morning, I was pondering the next post.  Pondering isn’t something I do often, mostly because I need a cold compress and an aspirin afterwards, but it has to be done on occasion.

In the course of this rigorous thinking session, I had an idea.  It hurt like crazy coming together, but it was worth it.

F.A.Q!  Frequently asked questions!  Does this blog need one?  If you think it does….  please, send me some questions and I’ll set a FAQ page up!  Knowing what readers want to ask and hear is always important to any writer.  I’d love to answer some questions from you guys!

Drop me a line in the comments section, or sling me one through my email system; michaelagunter3@hotmail-dot-com.  (replace the -dot- with a period.  We don’t want bots spamming, do we?)  If neither of those options appeal to you, hop over to Twitter and ask me there!

5 thoughts on “Thoughts on FAQ

  1. Questions? Questions? Hmm, where to begin? First off, i suppose, what i’d really like to know is how you came up with the idea for Hunter? What’s your inspiration? How do you think of these creatures/monsters that pop up in your world and regularly try to kill your main character? Why did you decide to place your story in an apocolyptic world? How have you handled the changes this creates and the problems, such as economy/government, if any of that exsists? Is that too much? I have loads more in the bag of questions if you’d like me to dig them out of my brain and type them out into words…I’d love to know so much more about how this story came about?? 🙂

    • Sure! Ask away if you have something you want to know. 😉

  2. Call me Squid

    Where did you get your idea for Pagonis? He is a wimp and a rat sure but he kinda’ grows on you.

  3. How about “Where can we obtain your Hunter stories?” That’s a typical-sounding technical question, though. I suppose some more social questions might be, How long have you been writing?” and “What inspires you?”

    • LOL. Ask anything you want: it doesn’t have to be a conventional question. 😉

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