Three. Two. One. WORK!

Not exactly sure what the title is about, but it sounded good, so I typed it up.  I’ve been writing away, not quickly, but definitely steadily.  Usually I’d have three or four thousand words written over the week-end and maybe a short story for you to read.

However, what with the SAT on Saturday and two personal projects taking up quite a bit of the rest of the week-end,  I’ve only written about 1K on “Eye in the Storm”.  Not good at all, but I’m catching up quickly.

In apology for the lack of posts recently, here are a few sneak peeks into the Hunter novel, “Eye in the Storm.

Peek 1#”:  New ‘Tonio

The opening scenes of “Eye in the Storm” take place New San Antonio, the Post-Storm* successor of the Texas city of San Antonio, which has a primary business of catering to tourists and Hunters.  It is built 25 miles north of old San Antonio, which was destroyed by the Storm.  New ‘Tonio hosts many tourists and supplies Hunters who are in-between-jobs.  It’s also the base of operations of a very successful, very unconventional Hunter named Keenan.

Peek 2#:  Varne’s Pockets of the U.S

Varne (pronounced “Var-nay) traveled much of the Post-Storm world documenting the various Pockets*.  By non-Hunters, his books are considered definitive, but most Hunters know that he spent most of his “researching” from the exterior of the Pockets and his books are based on what he was able to see without actually entering one.

Peek 3#: The Shipyards

No-one actually knows what is inside the group of Pockets known as “the Shipyards”.  San Antonio is hundreds of miles from the ocean, yet after the Storm Pockets were discovered just outside the old city.  No one who entered one ever came out, but from the borders, hundreds of ships can be seen.  They are of varying ages, from Spanish galleons to clippers to WW2 battleships.


*Storm, Pockets – see the “Hunter” short stories.

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