Twicebound; Chapter 1- part 2

Well, guys, it’s been a week since Part 1.  Here’s hoping you spent that time looking forward to the next installment of;


Chapter 1 – part 2

Eddie hated the sound of worn-out brakes.  It was a sort of metallic scream that grated on every nerve he had.  The prison-bus badly needed a new set; they’d squeaked and squealed their way across half a state, driving him crazy the whole way.  As the driver hit the brakes again, he braced himself and glanced over at Vančura.

The big man never blinked, didn’t even rock forward as the bus slowed down.  He might have been a plastic dummy for all the reaction he made.  Since their first conversation had ended an hour ago, Eddie hadn’t heard a word out of Vančura.  It was like the guy was a million miles away inside his own head.

After a moment or two, Eddie looked away, watching the driver and guard talk up front.  They might not have been friendly, but at least they acted like they were actually alive.  His eyes narrowed he noticed the guard’s hand shift a little closer to his weapon.  The thought skimmed across Eddie’s mind that he didn’t like being chained up in the same bus as a trigger-happy ‘correctional officer’, but then he noticed the cop wasn’t watching the prisoner compartment.

The guy was staring out the window.  Eddie frowned and glanced over at the driver.  Nothing odd there, until his eyes drifted down to the steering wheel.  The man’s grip on the thing was turning his knuckles white.  Eddie frowned again, turning to Vančura.

“What’s wi’ dem?”

There was no reply.  Eddie waited, then shook his head and went back to studying the two cops.  He was deep in what he considered a real Sherlock Holmes train of logic thing, trying to connect all the little dots he’d found, when Vančura spoke.  Eddie started like a kicked dog, slamming his head into the window he’d been leaning on.  At the front of the bus, the guard twitched nervously, trying to determine if the sound meant trouble or not.

“They’re scared, Kaul.”

Eddie stared at the big man.

“No kiddin’.  I’d never ‘ave guessed.”

“No need for sarcasm.”

“Yeah?  ‘Course they scared, don’t need t’be psychic to know dat.  What’s scarin’ ’em’s what I want t’know. Tell me dat!”

Vančura grinned absently, shifting his head just enough to watch both Eddie and the cops at the same time.

“They’ve heard the stories about this place from their friends.  Cops bring bad guys here, wearing the steel bracelets, but they’ve never had to take anyone on the return trip.  It’s a black hole in their system.  Enough to make even the boys in blue nervous.”

Eddie nodded.  It made sense.  Then something clicked in the back of his mind, as his subconscious turned over what Vančura had said.

“Nobody comes out? What’re y’doin out here ‘den?  You were in ‘dere, weren’t’cha?”

Vančura turned his full attention to Eddie, a glint in his eye.

“I was.  And I’m going to be.  But not both at the same time, if you take my meaning…”

 End Chapter 1 – part 2

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8 thoughts on “Twicebound; Chapter 1- part 2

  1. Okay, two parts read, and I’m intrigued to find where this is heading…

    • Happy to hear it!! I’m nearly 10K words into it and it’s really winding up!

      Who’s your favorite character?

      • Really, I haven’t gotten enough info to make that distinction yet. I would say Vančura comes closest, though I am wondering how you intended to pronounce his name, because he has confidence and seems to harbor some secret we have yet to understand. We shall see…

        • Then I’ll be interested to see who your favorite is, as you get farther in. 🙂

          And his name pronunciation is explained in an later installment. Though I can tell you now, if you’d prefer. 😉

          • When Eddie called him “Vanny” and he rectified the nickname faux pas, he mentioned “Vancy”, so I’m now assuming it is pronounced with an “S” sound.

  2. LOL. It’s a Czech name. The ‘č’ is pronounced ‘Van-tsura”. 😉

    • Honestly, I would not have thought to put the “t” in there. Thanks, Michael!

      • Totally different alphabet, so it’s to be expected. 😉 Welcome.

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