Twicebound: Chapter 10 – part 3

Header10-3“You want the truth?  The STAd is mine.”

Vančura gave Armelle an artificial encouraging smile.


She glared at him.

“Oh, shut it. You know what I meant.”

“No, actually, I have no idea what you meant.  Not a lot of people go around claiming to be the rightful owners of a secret government time-machine.”

He winced and shook his head.

“That whole sentence sounded absolutely crazy.”

Armelle thought about that, then nodded.

“Point.  Let me put it another way, then.  I designed it.  Or the important parts of it, anyway.  The big part was the math that proves it can be done, but there was a lot of little stuff that had to be worked out, too.”

Vančura radiated skepticism.

“You figured out how to build a time-machine?  And… what?  They raided your lab and stole a four story electromechanical temporal hole-punch?”

The look she gave him was caustic, but it bounced right off.  He smiled slightly and raised his hands.

“Look, it’s a fair question.”

“It’s all theoretical.  Or was, anyway.  I figured out how to make it work, without destroying the whole solar system or turning into a black hole.”

That got her two stunned blinks, one from Vančura and one from Eddie.  Vančura spoke first.

“Those where actually problems?”

She shrugged.

“Potentially.  You mess with time, you mess with space.  Play around with energy and mass, there’ll be consequences.  But it was never a problem, since it was only theory.  Building something like that takes money I didn’t have.”

“Wait… if it was all theoretical, how did they build it? Or know about it, for that matter?”

Armelle frowned at him, as if she couldn’t tell if he was joking or just dumb.

“From the paper I published about it, of course.”

End Chapter  10 – Part 3

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Today’s installment was a shorter than usual, I’m afraid.  I forgot something on the schedule and had to rush this installment in order to fit both items into the same Saturday morning.  Next week will be a full thousand words, just to speed this story up a little!

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9 thoughts on “Twicebound: Chapter 10 – part 3

  1. The story is coming together now 🙂

    • *fist pump* Oh, yeah! 😀

      • Are you finding it getting harder now, or easier to write the story? 🙂

        • As a matter of fact, it IS getting easier for some reason. The story has developed at least a little cohesive direction. XD

          • I think somestimes a story just flows. I love it when that happens! 😀

  2. Aerin

    too. darn. short.

    and hey, Armelle has brains! 🙂 I like this. I mean I knew she had them, but Vancura tries to look smarter than the combined IQ of everyone in the room, so when other people are smart, ‘s disconcerting. XD

    • Yeah, I know. I’m sorry.

      She does. Not a lot of common sense, but plenty of brains. 😉

      And Vancura’s not smarter. He’s just learned to apply it more efficiently. (necessity of survival, m’afraid)

  3. Aerin

    you should be!

    hahahaha I said he “tries to LOOK smarter” not that he WAS smarter

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