Twicebound: Chapter 11 – Part 3

Header11-3The old truck jerked forward, then choked to a stop in the middle of the parking lot.  Armelle grumbled under her breath and jammed the clutch back down. The engine hummed and the truck lurched into a roll, heading for the highway.

Once they were on the road and the gear-shift wasn’t demanding her attention, she turned a sour eye on Vančura.  She obviously expected a deprecating comment, but he wasn’t even looking at her.  He was staring through the dusty window at the blue sky, lost in thought.

Jammed between them, Eddie continued crunching ice, trying not to think about how little was left in his styrofoam cup.

“Where’s we goin’?”

She glanced at him and frowned, considering.  He didn’t know what she was considering, but he figured it wasn’t good.  Frowns rarely were, in his experience.

“Why don’t I tell you when we get there?”

He squinted off into the dirt on the windshield.  Something about her response didn’t make sense and he wasn’t sure what.  There was always the chance that he’d missed something, but he didn’t think so.

“If we’re dere a’ready, won’t I ‘ave figured it out f’r m’self?”

Armelle shot him a grin and he winced internally.  It looked like a factory match to the grin Vančura would have given him.

“It all works out quite neatly, I think.”

Eddie tried to crunch at her disapprovingly, but discovered he had run out of ice.  He settled for donning an injured expression.  She ignored it, of course.

“What do you suppose our enigmatic friend is thinking about?”

“Dunno wot “nigmatic” means, but ‘e’s probly ponnering d’space-time continuum.”

“Space-time contiuum?”

He smiled proudly.

“Soun’s good, don’ it?”

Armelle laughed.

“It does.  The bad part is, you’re probably right.  What else would he be thinking about?”

End Chapter  11 – Part 3

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This installment was both shorter and much later than is usual.  I won’t apologize, except for stating one word.  “Llamas.”  Yeah, you heard me.

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