Twicebound: Chapter 12 – Part 1

Header12-1“We’re here.”

The crunch of gravel under the tires turned into the soft rumble of asphalt.  The engine whined as the truck rolled up the driveway towards the house.

Eddie cracked one eye, examined his surroundings in one critical glance, and went back to sleep.  Beside him, Vančura, wide awake and alert, studied the house and grounds.  There was no emotion on his face, but something in the way his eyes flicked efficiently from place to place made Armelle frown.

“Looking for something?”

The big man didn’t look at her, but she had an uncomfortable feeling his attention had locked on her more tightly than if she’d been under a microscope.

“Looking out for something.  Very different thing.”

She deftly navigated the truck around a hole in the driveway, then gave him a slightly caustic smile.

“Oh, yes, very different.  Because looking out for something and looking for it are two totally different things.”

Finally, he quit examining the scenery and swung his gaze over to her.

“Looking for something indicates I want to find it.  Looking out for it means I want to know when it’s here… preferably before it knows I’m here.”

Armelle frowned again.


He chuckled, without much real amusement.

“Trouble.  It seems to follow the three of us around.”

She brought the truck to a halt at the front porch of a house that looked like it belonged on a small plantation.  Weeds had grown up around it and the grass on the lawn was long, but the house was well-kept.  It looked as though its owner had gone on vacation and forgotten to pay the gardener.

Sliding out of the truck, Armelle threw a look at Vančura.

“Don’t worry.  This place is as safe as we could possibly get.”

His laughter shook the truck.  Eddie came awake, sticking his fingers in his ears with a wince.  Vančura opened his door and stepped out, still chuckling.

“You’ll pardon me if that statement doesn’t exactly inspire confidence.  Believe me, ‘safe’ is a relative term for us, now. Very, very relative.”

End Chapter  12 – Part 1

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Here’s to Chapter Twelve, readers!  I hope you’re having as much fun as I am.  By the way, if any of you figure out what makes Vančura tick, would you please email me the schematic?

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