Twicebound: Chapter 12 – Part 2

Header12-2Vančura’s sleeve dragged through the dust on the counter-top.

“Got a coffee pot?”

“Yeah, under the sink.  There might even be coffee in the freezer, but don’t bet on it.  I’ll be back in just a second.”

Armelle disappeared into the living room and thumped up the stairs.  Vančura listened to her footsteps for a moment, then started opening drawers.  He found a dish towel in one, shook it out, and started sweeping dust off the counters.  Eddie climbed onto a stool at the bar and watched curiously.

“What’cha doin’?”

“Cleaning.  Find that coffee pot, will you?  And check the freezer for the coffee.”

Eddie frowned and glanced from the sink cabinet to the refrigerator.

“Y’want coffee that bad?”

“What do you mean?”

“S’awful lot of work.”

The dish towel stopped flicking back and forth as Vančura raised an eyebrow.  Eddie stared back at him, his bland expression unchanging.  Vančura shook his head and went back to wiping down the counter.

“Get the coffee, Eddie.”

Eddie thought about that.  On the one hand, getting the coffee and the pot was too much effort.  On the other hand… he frowned… Vančura was a lot bigger than he was.  He got up and sauntered over to the freezer.

He’d just found a half empty can of dark roast when Armelle came back down the stairs, carrying a filing box packed with paper.

“What’s with the cleaning spree?”

Vančura shrugged.

“Call it an exercise in trying new and exciting things.  What’s in the box?”

She thumped it down on the bar and stared down at the mass of papers.

“The reason I broke you of that time loop and brought you here.  This is all the math on the STAd and what it can do.”

End Chapter  12 – Part 2

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Did you enjoy this installment?  What do you think is going to happen next?  (I’m not entirely sure, either, so your comments could easily affect the direction this story takes!)

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7 thoughts on “Twicebound: Chapter 12 – Part 2

  1. aerin

    in that case, nobody comment! XD

    why is Armelle bringing Vancura homework? and why is Vancura CLEANING? o.o

    • Whadd’ya mean, nobody comment?!?

      Not homework. The details on the inner workings of the universe. Ought to fascinate Vančura to no end. XD

      SPECIFICALLY because I knew it would get that reaction. 😀

      • aerin

        I wanna see what YOU come up with. XD

        Armelle has life the universe and everything figured out?? o.O if those papers say 42, I’m OUT. XD

        so why’s HE doing it?

  2. You still haven’t explained her mysterious ‘team’ yet… 🙂

    • No, I haven’t, have I? 😀 I’m reserving THAT for the opportune moment…

      • They’re probably people she co-authored her paper with. Either that, or people she hired on the internet who SAID they were professionals. Hence why she got upset with her waitress friend. (Yes, I’m being a little silly – why not?)

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