Twicebound: Chapter 13 – Part 2

Header13-2Vančura rubbed his eyes and refilled his coffee cup, then stared at Armelle.

“There aren’t a lot of options.”

“Not that I saw.”

“And now that you’ve already chosen one, there’s not much I can do about it.”

She gave him a half-apologetic smile.

“Not really.”

He sighed and shook his head in resignation.

“Let’s get on with it, then.  I assume the first step is to neutralize the computer chips so they don’t empty their payload of toxin into our bloodstreams?”

There was a coughing gasp and a thud as Eddie choked on his coffee and fell off his chair.  He’d completely forgotten the time-bomb the crazy technician had injected into his arm.  Vančura’s question had brought the memory roaring to the fore and knocked him off balance.

He tried to yell, but it was drowned in coffee, so he settled for gurgling.  It lacked his usual eloquence, but it got the idea across.  Armelle’s eyes widened and her eyes slid reflexively to her own arm.


Vančura set his cup down slowly and ran a hand over his head.  For a few moments, he was perfectly quiet, staring off into space with an absent air.

“You forgot there is three milligrams of lethal sodium-channel inhibitor in your bicep, just waiting for you to not be in jail on the 19th?”

“I didn’t forget!!”

She stared at the papers on the table between them, refusing to meet his eyes. He didn’t say anything. Finally, she crossed her arms and glared at him.

“I just couldn’t find a way to deactivate them!”

Vančura leaned over and grabbed Eddie’s shirt collar and set the little man back on his chair.

“Have I mentioned that your plans leave something to be desired?  I have?  Good, I love repeating myself.  Fortunately for the three of us, there are two ways we don’t die in the next…”

He eyed the clock above the stove.

“… ten hours.  First, we turn ourselves in and get tossed back in the holding cell.”

Both Eddie and Armelle shook their heads in violent refusal.  Vančura nodded as if he expected that.

“That might not work, anyway; they might transfer us to another precinct and we’d be just as dead.   The other option requires a taser and two needles.”

End Chapter  13 – Part 2
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Here’s to the trio not getting poisoned in the next installment! What do YOU think will happen?  (for any of you who might be wondering what toxin Vančura is talking about, read Chapter 3)

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