Twicebound: Chapter 14 – Part 3


Eddie’s satisfied expression didn’t last long.  Several seconds went by, then it slipped.  Several seconds after that, his eyes opened and he looked at Armelle nervously.

“Where we goin’?”

Her pause was enough to let his mental gears click into place with a rusty howl.

“No! Lemme outta here!!”

With an amused grunt, Vančura pushed the little man back into his seat.

“We’re doing sixty on the free-way, Kaul.  Would you at least like us to stop?”

Eddie’s head practically blurred, he shook it so fast.

“Nope, no, no need.  Don’ wanna inconvenience y’two.  Don’ stop on my ‘ccount, t’anks!”

“You don’t exactly have a choice, my friend.”

Eddie turned slightly wild eyes on Vančura.  They flicked over the big man’s face, searching.  It was as close to full blown panic as Vančura had ever seen, but for an instant, he thought he saw something else as well.  Then he shook his head; panic was all Eddie could muster.

“Who says I don’ gotta choice?”

Armelle beat Vančura to the answer.

“You do, actually.  Or you will.  Frankly, they’re both pretty much the same.”

She frowned.

“It’s annoying how fast grammar tense becomes irrelevant when you start playing with time travel.”

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This installment’s a short one today, since I was a little pressed for time.  Someone really ought to put more hours in a day, or else start some sort of ‘money-for-minutes’ thing.  I dunno…

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  1. Chesshire

    Poor Eddie! And now we know what would cause a man to jump from a car doing 60 on the freeway. 🙂

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