Twicebound: Chapter 15 – Part 2


“Fine.  Explain it.  Logically.”

Armelle put her foot down on the brake and pulled over, staring at Vančura in silence.  Finally, just when Eddie thought it might be safe to resurface, she nodded.

“Fine.  Going into the future gives us a chance to preempt whatever the Sandglass project does next.  They’ll have records of what hasn’t happened yet, but will have happened by then.  We can use those records to keep them from doing it now.”

Eddie gave a sickly cough and put his hands over his ears, trying not to listen.  Even Vančura looked a little cross-eyed for a moment.

“Let me see if I understand you… You want to get a blueprint of the past from the future to stop that future from happening?”

Armelle nodded, so he continued.

“What makes that any different from going back in time and stopping the STAd from being built in the first place?  The time loops and contradictions will be just as much of a problem.”

She grinned at him, a hint of victory in the expression.

“Wrong!  We’re ALWAYS traveling into the future, just a one to one time ratio.  Time moves forward one minute, we move forward one minute.”

Vančura rolled his eyes and waved his hand for her to get on with it.  She ignored him.

“Moving forward in time just changes the ratio.  Two to one, whatever.  Maybe even infinity to zero, depending on how it works exactly.  The point is, going forward in time through the STAd isn’t any different from going forward in time through time.  We won’t mess anything up.”

Eddie, still with his hands over his ears, couldn’t hear anything, but he sensed the mood in the cab was lightening.  That didn’t mean he felt confident enough to risk coming out of his self-constructed bomb shelter, though.

Vančura nodded, but raised an eyebrow at her.

“There’s only one problem with all that.  It works, as far as you’ve gotten.  But what happens when we come back to the present and start messing with the future that we’ve already been to? We’ll have to travel back in time, which brings us back to the original problem!”

She shrugged.

“Not exactly, I think.”

She wrenched the truck into drive and stepped on the gas, whipping them back onto the highway.

“The time paradox problem should be mitigated by the fact that we won’t be changing what we’ve already done; we’ll make sure we just reappear a few moments after we left. It should be the same as stepping out of a room for a few seconds, then coming back in.  Nothing like the usual coming back into the room two minutes before you left it.  Our timeline will still be fairly neat and tidy, so the backlash will be minimal.”

As Eddie finally came out of his shelter, Vančura had to shift to see her over the little man’s head.

“Will be?”

She glanced at him out of the corner of her eye and winced, ever so slightly.

“Will be, definitely.  No doubt about it.  None whatsoever.”

He snorted.


“I know…”

End Chapter  15 – Part 2

Somebody keeps scheduling me for barista work Saturday morning, which really affects “Twicebound”.  I’m not telling you WHO keeps scheduling, but if you said the name began with ‘M’ and ended with “L”, I couldn’t contradict you in good conscience. Still, the serial does seem to keep coming out, doesn’t it?

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11 thoughts on “Twicebound: Chapter 15 – Part 2

  1. Somehow I don’t think this jumping forward thing will be easy or straightforward, but I’m just basing my intuition on the fact nothing in this story has been simple so far! 🙂

    • I don’t do simple. 😀

      • I’ve noticed that to be a trend in your writing! 😀

        • And proud of it, too. 😀

          • With good reason 😉

          • That’s good to know. I’d hate to think my complex stories annoyed readers. XD

          • Occasionally confused, but never annoyed!! Your stories are entertaining!

          • Slight confusion is good! Like a master magician, I must direct your attention away from the real story until the perfect moment! 😀 Case in point: Thundercrest!

            In all seriousness, though; thank you. 🙂

          • Exactly. And you’re welcome!! 🙂

  2. So I’ve been mulling this one over. Narratively, it makes sense, and is rather clever — we don’t need to see what happens to them in the future, only see them experience a moment of disorientation in the present, the same way Eddie always did in the pipe. (If fact, if I’m understanding it, they only need a working PLAN to get to the future, since once it’s being executed, they won’t need it, it’ll get overwritten. Hm, possibly by them going to the past instead?)

    Temporally, it makes sense for the same reason. (Though Vancura’s argument is somewhat sound too… if they destroy the machine, how would they have travelled back? Schroedinger’s Armelle?) Still, the real wild card in my mind is the military, since (1) they don’t even have a working machine right now, and (2) once they have a working machine, they can play the game too, sending someone back to the present to thwart whatever Eddie and friends are doing… as long as they have a way to do that. This will be interesting!

    • Frankly, I’ve been writing this story so long and complicatedly that my head hurts as much as Eddie’s. XD

      However, based on theory of space-time I’m basing this story around, it’s actually a lot more simple than that… 😉

      It’s going to be lots of fun, for sure!

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