Twicebound: Chapter 15 – Part 3

Header15-3The old engine sputtered and rumbled, but none of them paid any attention.  It had been doing that since Armelle had first turned the key in the ignition.  What neither Armelle nor Vančura could ignore was Eddie.

“How far now?”

“Ten minutes.

“‘Coz I’m gettin’ carpool tunneling symptoms in m’legs from sittin’ here so long.”

Vančura rolled his eyes and watched telephone poles go by.  Boredom was something he could handle; boredom with Eddie Kaul was not.  Armelle, however, took the bait.

“You can’t get carpal tunnel syndrome in your legs, Eddie.

“Yeah?  How d’you know dat?  ‘Cause maybe I’m special.  Or gots problems, not-normal like.

He frowned at Vančura as the big man let out a soft chuckle.

“There’s nothing normal about you, Kaul.  And you’ve definitely got problems, but the carpal tunnel problem is in your head.”

Eddie’s frown evaporated and he squinted thoughtfully up at the sky, apparently not noticing the roof of the truck between it and him.

“I didden know dats where the carpool tunnel was.  You mean I oughta be havin’ headaches and stuff like dat?”

They ignored him again, so he returned to the original question.

“How far now?”

Armelle shook her head at herself, then turned a slightly exasperated eye on him.

“For someone who’s terrified of where we’re going, you’re awfully eager to get there.”

He gave her an arch look.

“I’m bored.  An’ my legs is goin’ to sleep widdout me an it feels weird.  And once dey gets to sleep, I can’t run proper.  Don’ wanna go tru the knothole, but iffen I gotta, I wants to be perambulatory.”

They both stared at him, blinking, and he grinned back.

End Chapter  15 – Part 3

I’m not sure what Eddie is up to here… he’s an enigma wrapped in a confusing layer of bologna and ignorance.  And I think he knows it, which should terrify Armelle and Vančura, if they’ve any sense. If you figure out what he’s doing before I do, email me the detailed plan, would you?  It’ll make this novel a lot easier to write.

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3 thoughts on “Twicebound: Chapter 15 – Part 3

  1. Eddie is, perhaps, a sleeper agent planted by the military, who is so undercover that he doesn’t even know that he’s an agent. Or he thinks “perambulatory” has something to do with riding in ambulances. It’s hard to tell.

    • aerin

      I think Eddie knows exactly what he’s talking about. I get carpooling tunnels symptoms all the time after riding with certain people. The symptoms involve wanting to get out, dig a tunnel by the side of the road, and never get back in the car again. Pretty sure that’s how Eddie feels too, stuck between Armelle and Vancura!

    • Both of those are possibilities. Of course, when discussing Eddie, use the Idiot’s Razor: the answer that assumes the most stupidity on the part of the subject is most likely correct. XD

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