Twicebound: Chapter 17 – Part 2

Header17-2“Do you really want to tell Benwright he’s going to have to explain to the Colonel that some no-name guard wouldn’t let me test the shunt capacitors on the STAd before the test tomorrow?”

The guard winced, but more from Armelle’s strident tone than anything else.

“I got my orders…”

Her voice got louder.

“Look, you!  If those shunts can’t take the stress from the temporal magnetic bleed-off, the knothole will blow you, Benwright, and this facility right down to string theory!  And I’ll be two hundred miles away, laughing at you.”

The man’s face dissolved into puzzlement.

“String theory?”

Armelle rolled her eyes and gave a dramatic sigh.

“Just open the stupid door and let me do my job, please?  It’s not like I’m going anywhere, is it?  If you don’t believe me, Benwright and have him come down here and throw me out.  But for now, open up.”

After a moment’s indecision, the guard sighed and opened the door.  The trio darted through, before he could change his mind.  Behind them, they could hear the ring of the wall-phone as he dialed Benwright’s office. Vančura cocked an ear, then grimaced.

“We’d best hurry, before he realized Benwright’s never heard of you.”

Armelle sprinted to the stairs instead of the elevator and began skipping down them to the control room of the STAd.

“Oh, he’s heard of me.  He built this thing based on my paper, remember?  And it’s not like ‘Armelle’ is exactly a forgettable name, is it?  Once he knows I’m here, he’ll have every guard in the place coming after us.

From his place just behind her, Eddie choked.

“Why’d you use yer real name, den?”

She shrugged and pushed open the set of double doors at the bottom of the stairs.

“It’s not like we’ll be here long enough for him to catch us, anyway.  Oh… oh, my.  It’s beautiful!”

Vančura shouldered his way past her and dropped the heavy box unceremoniously beside the door.

“It’s a control panel and a five story pile of industrial parts.”

She glared at him, then strode over to the controls and began pushing buttons.  Eddie watched over her shoulder, a worried frown building.

“You knows ‘ow t’ work this thing, yeah?”

End Chapter  17– Part 2

Another installment of “Twicebound”, the last for October.  And guess what?!?!  It’s only three more weeks until it will have been a full YEAR of Twicebound.

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