Twicebound: Chapter 7– part 3

Oh, yeah, this is it, people!!  Exciting as it may have been (and hopefully was), everything up to now has been set up.  There was no prologue, so Eddie and Vančura had to be introduced to us (yes, me, too) by the first part of the story.  There had to be a sense of mystery and adventure (yes, because even I don’t know what’s next) before the real adventure began.  And it began when an unnamed woman got arrested alongside Eddie and Vančura.  With this installment, the story line takes a twist even Vančura didn’t see coming.  (I didn’t either. What?  Did you expect ME to know what’s going on?)

And with that to prime your readerly engines, I hope you enjoy this week’s installment of…


Chapter 7– part 3

Eddie was beginning to hate the drain pipe.  Not that he had anything against corrugated steel in general, just this particular section of it.  It was wet in some places, dry in others, and exceptionally cold in all of them.  And his back was rapidly conforming to the shape of the pipe.

With a resigned sigh, he rolled over as far as the pipe would allow and studied the dim glow around his feet.  The cop should be along soon to ‘collect’ him, as per the usual procedure. For a moment, Eddie wondered what vagary of fate made the officer turn up just then, regardless of how many times the ‘knothole’ rewound the days.  Of course, ‘vagary’ wasn’t the word Eddie used; his synonym consisted of seven words that couldn’t be found in a dictionary.

He frowned; the cop was late now.  The man always turned up before Eddie had a chance to collect his wits.  Eddie squinted, examining said wits and came to the conclusion that they were well in hand.  The cop was definitely late.

After a little thought, Eddie backed slowly out of the pipe.  It was colder outside, but nothing he couldn’t handle.  He glanced around, wondering what had changed up the course of events.  Vančura was going to be furious; the man hated being in the dark.  Fortunately, Eddie didn’t mind that at all.  He’d spent most of the last four… eight… twelve… most of the days since he’d first gotten arrested with no idea what was going on.

A whistle from the embankment above shook him out of his thoughts.  He turned with a half-vicious curse under his breath.  His train of thought had been going somewhere serious and whoever had whistled had completely ruined it.  A glance up the slope startled the anger away, however.  The black and white of the cop car was easily visible in the morning light, but the officer was conspicuously missing.

There was someone leaning against the driver-side door, but the sun made it impossible for Eddie to make out a face.  The voice, however, was completely unmistakable.

“Well, come on.  I didn’t knock out this cop just for the fun of it.  We’ve gotta be gone.”

Eddie stared, his brain skipping tracks faster than he could follow.  Something was different, so much so that his thoughts had completely frozen over.  Finally, one idea trickled out into the sunlight where he could see it.  How had she known where the STAd had sent him?

It never occurred to Eddie that he was asking the wrong question.

End Chapter 7 – Part 3

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12 thoughts on “Twicebound: Chapter 7– part 3

  1. CHesshire

    Wha…who…how?… *picking my jaw up off the floor*

  2. T.O.B.T

    WHAT!?!?!?!? Somebody hit the replay button while I try to process this chapter.

    • I would, but the rewind button isn’t working correctly… 😀

  3. What the heck is going on…? Wait! Don’t answer that, I’ll only get more confused! I was suspicious of this mystery woman right from the start! What is her game? I want to know…More please…! 😀

    • *mission accomplished*

      Everyone who’s read it so far has had this same response. XD If this installment isn’t a ‘hook’, I don’t know how to write one!

  4. Aerin

    I think this installment was half as long as the usual ones, and I’d like to know why….

    • Nope, it was about the same length as the usual. Funny you should think that, tho.

      • Aerin

        (I KNOW it was the same word length as usual, thanks XD stop missing the point.)

        • Um… in that case, I’ve totally missed the point. Unless you mean it wasn’t long enough to suit your curiosity?

  5. Nice little tug you gave to the rug there. (Btw, last section “How the had she known where ” seems to be missing a word, possibly some sort of expletive. ^.- ) New theories forming. Processing, processing…

    • *evil laugh* I caught EVERYONE off guard. 😀 Even time-travel stories can’t just loop around and around forever. 😉

      Process away! I can’t wait till the next plot twist!

      (thanks for the typo-catch)

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