Twicebound: Chapter 8 – part 2

Today’s installment of ‘Twicebound’ was in grave jeopardy.  Last night (Friday 24th), I was planning to work on the installment before bed, as usual.  Then, the power went out and stayed out until 8:00 am this morning.  Apparently, a tree hit a power-line in town.  Luckily, I was working on my laptop and it had a full charge, so I managed to finish the new episode.  The only problem was, the Internet router depends  on the house power.  We HAVE had multi-day power outages before, so I’m just happy the electricity came back on today.  I’ve never missed a Saturday installment before and I’m not eager to find out what you readers would do to me if I did.  😉  So, having luck on my side, here’s this week’s….


Chapter 8 – part 2

“You’ve got no idea what you’re doing.  Heck, I don’t have any idea what you’re doing!”

“I know exactly what I’m doing.  I’m hauling you two out of a trip to the Sandglass project again.”

Vančura scowled at her, fingers clamped on the passenger side overhead grip as she spun the cop car around a corner.

“I mean you’ve got no idea what shifting us around in the time-stream will do.”

From the backseat, Eddie listened as carefully as he could.  Being slammed from side to side as the car screeched through turns made it a little hard to concentrate on anything, but he caught the woman’s laugh just fine.

“Oh, that.  Who cares?  You threw a monkey-wrench into the works the minute you volunteered to go through the knothole.  What possessed you to do that, anyway?  Bored, were you?”

Eddie couldn’t see the big man’s expression, but he didn’t need to.  The silence made it obvious that Vančura didn’t have a good answer to what was definitely a good question.

“Fine.  So, now that you’ve dragged us out, do you mind telling us why?”

She didn’t answer for a little while.  While they waited for a reply, Eddie realized he didn’t really care.  The lady had gotten him out of a drain-pipe.  He was still in a cop car, but this time he wasn’t headed for the jail.  That depressed him a little, since he knew there was food at the jail, but then again, there was no reason to think the woman couldn’t be persuaded to stop at a drive-through somewhere.  Then, she glanced at him and Vančura out of the corner of her eye.

“I’d rather not say, just yet.”

Vančura stiffened, but it was nothing compared to what Eddie did.  With a quiet moan, he leaned forward and banged his head on Vančura’s seat over and over again. He’d been wrong; it turned out he cared about the answer a lot.

“What’s with your little friend, Vančura?”

The big man eyed her caustically.

“I think he’s allergic to secrets.”

“We’ll have to find him an Epi-pen.  We’re in a stolen police cruiser, we just attacked two cops, and every one of us was being detained.  If we get caught, you can’t be knowing any more than you absolutely need to.  It’s protocol.”

Eddie, still thumping his head on the padding of Vančura’s chair, missed the importance of the word.  His friend, however, did not.


His voice went dangerous, dangerous enough to bring Eddie’s attention up from his self-inflicted concussion-in-planning.  After a second, the woman realized her mistake.

“Oh, blast.”

“Protocol?  Would you care to explain just how you have a ‘protocol’, lady?”

End Chapter 8 – Part 2

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12 thoughts on “Twicebound: Chapter 8 – part 2

  1. Lars

    That installment was…hysterical. XD

  2. Chesshier

    “I think he’s allergic to secrets.” That’s good. 🙂

  3. Aerin

    protocol, huh? *Ricky Ricardo voice* “Lucy, you’ve got some ‘splainin’ to do!”

    • ROTFL. Darn right she do. XD Unfortunately, even *I* don’t know what it’ll be about. XD

      • Aerin

        Better figure out before next Saturday, or you’ll have some ‘splainin’ to do too……

        • No kidding. Don’t worry, though; panic makes me REAL creative. XD XD

  4. Aerin

    I’m not worried. You should maybe be, though, cuz that last sentence is giving me ideas….. >:D

  5. Oh wow! Protocol? She let that one slip, didn’t she?! 🙂

    • She rather did, yes. XD Was it too… obvious? I was trying to create a rather subtle slip and have Vancura catch her for the reader…

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