Twicebound: Chapter 8 – part 3

First off, my apologies to everyone who received a notification yesterday that this installment was out. In case you haven’t figured it out already, it was an error on the part of WordPress…. okay, fine, it was me.  But in my defense, they really shouldn’t have the ‘publish’ button so close to the ‘save draft’ button.  If they didn’t, you wouldn’t have gotten all prematurely excited about your weekly installment of…


Chapter 8 – part 3

The cop car whipped around another corner, tires shrieking over the pavement.

“Look, I already told you, I can’t tell you yet.  Those log-chips in your shoulders keep track of how many times you’ve been through the STAd and what time you were logged into the Sandglass Project facility.”

Vančura’s voice was still cold.

“And your point is?”

The woman sighed and spun the wheel again, slaloming the vehicle onto the highway.  Her foot hit the gas and the big engine screamed as it rocketed the car away from the town.

“If you get caught by the cops, you’ll end up back at the facility and that creep Benwright will check your log-chips.  He’ll realize something was different on your last trip.”


She glanced away from the road just long enough to give Vančura a scathing look.

“What do you think?  You’ve been punched back in time more often than anyone else alive and each time, things happened exactly the same way.  Until this time.  You think they won’t want to know what was different?”

With a heavy sigh, Vančura nodded.

“You don’t want us to know anything, so we can’t tell Bosze anything if we get caught.”

The woman rolled her eyes.

“Finally.  For a guy who’s supposed to be so clever, you’re pretty slow sometimes.  If Bosze thinks you know something, he’ll find a way to make you spill your guts.  He’s got access to resources you wouldn’t believe.”

In the back seat, Eddie started hyperventilating. The word “interrogation” wouldn’t have meant anything to him, but spilling his guts was a concept with which he was quite familiar.

“What’d we do t’get stuck inna middle of all dis?”

She met his terrified eyes in the rear-view mirror and her expression softened slightly.

“I suspect you’re just an unfortunate dummy who slept in the wrong drainage pipe.  Your friend…  nobody knows. Which is why I’m here.”

End Chapter 8 – part 3

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6 thoughts on “Twicebound: Chapter 8 – part 3

  1. Aerin

    you better apologize! I got excited last night. and then very disappointed! 🙁

    I like this lady more’n’more. But I hope Eddie isn’t JUST “unfortunate idiot in a drainage pipe”

    • Yeah. >.< Sorry about that.

      I figured you would. XD And don't worry, Eddie DOES have his bits of wisdom. 😉

  2. T.B.O.T

    Right now Mr. Kaul reminds me a little bit of a chihuahua that has just seen a rat wearing over-sized vampire fangs.

  3. The “log chips” were also, as I recall, set to pump them full of enough poison to kill 6 people if they didn’t end up registering with the police or judge or something at the correct time. So I hope either new woman (needs a name… probably classified…) has a way to neutralize that, or to remove the chip entirely.

    • Indeed! I’ve read it’s a pretty unpleasant way to die!

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