Twicebound: Chapter 9 – part 1

Morning, readers!  This is going to be a short introduction to a long installment. Here’s hoping you had a good week and if not, here’s hoping ‘Twicebound’ can improve it.  On a side note, ‘scrutinous’ IS  a word, I checked.  With that said, here is this week’s…


Chapter 9 – part 1

A police cruiser sat on the edge of the highway, nearly parked behind a large sign. It looked like any other police-car, but the scrutinous observer would have noticed that it was a very long way from its jurisdiction. A more scrutinous observer would have also noticed that it was quite empty.

Its passengers had abandoned it several hours before, after leaving it in the one place everyone would expect to see a police-car. Of course, only two of those passengers had any idea what ‘scrutinous’ meant; the third might have been better acquainted with the term ‘nosy’. Words, however, were not something Eddie cared about much, especially since most of his mental capabilities were devoted complaining over the amount of walking he was doing. Leaving the cop car was an excellent tactical decision, but Eddie didn’t know what that meant, either, so it wasn’t much comfort.

The woman had said it would throw the cops off their trail and Eddie liked the sound of that, as far as it went. He hadn’t, however, expected their trail to go on for so long without lunch getting involved somehow. Several miles down the road, he’d plunked himself down on a convenient log and proceeded to fall asleep. It was several minutes before either of his companions realized he’d stopped.

Vančura strode back over to him, stopping a few yards away, arms crossed.

“Kaul? Exactly what are you doing?”

“’Tinkin’ about breakf’st.”

The big man frowned, trying to remember when breakfast should have been, if they hadn’t missed their routine stop at the jail.

“Oh. I suppose that makes sense.”

“Yup. Maybe some ‘am and ‘ashbrowns. No eggs. I like eggs, but not dis early in d’morning.”


Eddie cracked an eye and stared at Vančura dissapprovingly.

“Look, I’mma hungry. The p’lice station ‘ad food. Well, I ‘tink it was food, anyways. I don’ see any food out here an’ between d’two of you, dere’ probly won’t be. So, I figure I wait right ‘ere for a cop ta show up. Maybe ‘e’ll be hungry, too, and we’ll stop for breakfast onna way t’the cop station.”

Vančura stared at him. Behind the big man, the woman raised an eyebrow. Finally, Vančura turned to her and shrugged.

“He’s got a good point. None of us have eaten and we won’t get far running on empty.”

The woman stared at him. Behind Vančura, Eddie raised an eyebrow at her. The numbers had shifted in his favor and he was smart enough to know it. Finally, she shrugged.

“Fine. Let’s find an ATM. There’s an account set up for expenses; we figured something like this would come up.”

Both of them studied her doubtfully, then Vančura shook his head in resignation.

“Fine. Sounds like your people had this all planned out.”

She smiled at him.

“Who said anything about me having people?”

Eddie heaved himself off the log and started off without them. If he left it up to them, they’d all still be there arguing when the cops showed up. The jail food wasn’t worth sticking around for, not if the scary lady was willing to pay for better.

End Chapter 9 – Part 1

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