Twicebound; Chapter 9 – part 2


Chapter 9 – part 2

Three miles from where they’d left the cop car, Vančura, Eddie, and their companion were still walking.  The big man and the woman didn’t look happy.  Eddie, however, was consoling himself with the idea that they might be walking towards breakfast.  Being more than slightly optimistic was out of reach, however, even for him. It was hot and humid; the morning sun hadn’t yet burned off the night-time damp.

In short, it wasn’t the best time to have stolen a police vehicle and then abandon it miles from the nearest town.  More importantly, that fact hadn’t escaped Vančura.

“You do realize that only a basket-case would be walking in this heat, right?  Worse, there’s no chance of hitch-hiking.  We none of us look anything like reputable.”

With a sigh, the woman halted and rolled her eyes at him.

“Okay, look, I know this wasn’t the best thought out escape plan.  There wasn’t any way to tell exactly what would happen when I got ‘rammed through the knothole’, so we… I had to wing it.  Odds were that my showing up at all would be enough to change things enough that you two wouldn’t even end up in the Sandglass facility this time around.”

They had all stopped while she talked.  Vančura was studying her intently.  Since most of the conversation was going right over Eddie’s head, he began looking around for shade and a seat.  The woman continued.

“Believe it or not, this is going a lot better than expected.  The cops must be having a slow day or something.  I expected them to have come down this road already.”

She paused, searching Vančura’s face for signs of anything beyond his impassive attention. Finally, he raised an eyebrow.

“You sound like you and your team actually planned this out in detail.”

Nodding, she relaxed.

“We tried.  Some of the scenarios we had calculated down to the second.  But the time travel messed up our predictions; events can change radically if someone sneezes, or not at all if someone drives a cement truck through a restaurant.  It doesn’t make sense, so we decided playing it by ear would…”

She trailed off, looking at the big man questioningly.  A smile had spread across his face and he looked pleased.


Vančura glanced at Eddie, who was watching them, his eyes wide.

“Want to tell her?”

Eddie shook his head, still staring, so Vančura turned back to the woman.

“Your ‘team’.”

For a second, she frowned, trying to figure out what he meant.  Then, it was her turn to look shocked.

“Oh, blazes…”

They both grinned at her.

End Chapter 9 – part 2

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7 thoughts on “Twicebound; Chapter 9 – part 2

  1. Aerin

    Hahahahahahahahaha. XD they’re ridiculously pleased ta having tripped her up….

    • Aren’t they, though? 😀 I can just picture myself grinning the same way. XD

  2. T.O.B.T

    She keeps letting slip doesn’t she? 🙂

  3. He baited her with that one! Interesting that she thinks her trip would distort time so much.
    (Minor typos: “you two wouldn’t even end up in Sandglass facility” – maybe needs a “the”? “so we decided to playing it by ear would” – extra “to”?)

  4. He sure did. The best part, though, is that slow Eddie caught it before she did! 😀

    It’s another one of those ‘wait and see’ explanations…

    (You’re fast becoming my go-to guy for typos. I really appreciate it!)

    • I’m glad you appreciate it, I know some might find it annoying… the editor in me notices these things, and the teacher in me can’t help but say “you might wanna fix that”. You’re not the only blog I’ve done this to. -.-

      • I really do! I hate reading back over old posts and finding mistakes nobody ever noticed. Several of my regular readers help with it, but stuff obviously slips by them on occasion. Besides, I wouldn’t be much of a writer if I couldn’t take honest criticism!

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