Twicebound: Chapter Eighteen – Part 2


Vančura threw up.  Again.

Not for the first time, he was grateful that his cell had a sink in it.  The flash-grenade had done something to his ears; his sense of balance hadn’t returned.  Hours had passed since he’d been captured, but the nausea hadn’t faded away.

He was also grateful that Eddie had made it through the STAd with Armelle.  The little man would probably find Vančura’s predicament perversely amusing.

A fist slammed on the cell door and he looked up, happy for the distraction.  He immediately closed his eyes, shutting out the room shifting unsteadily beyond his nose.  He waited a moment, then opened them again.

Bosze stood just outside the cell.

“Question time, Vančura.  Lots and lots of questions.”

* * *

When the muddy grey fog in Eddie’s head cleared, his eyes widened in shock.  He hadn’t gone anywhere.  The electronic mountain of the STAd still loomed over him.

Then he noticed the difference.  There was no deep and ominous hum to show that the machine was active.  More importantly, the multistory room the STAd occupied was dark and just as still as the STAd itself.

He wasn’t fond of taking chances, though, so his every movement was an exaggerated tiptoe.  He was halfway to the control panel when a blue flash lit the room and a smell of ozone wafted from the STAd.  Eddie did a serviceable impression of a startled deer, diving for cover in the electronic underbrush.

Several minutes later, after he had gathered together the tiny amount of courage he had left, he peered out.  Armelle lay on the STAd platform, completely still.   Eddie waited a few more minutes before crawling out to help, just to make sure it wasn’t a trap.


End Chapter  18– Part 2

Ah, Eddie.  Brave to a fault… he’s not. But hey, you didn’t expect him to be, now did you?  As for Vančura, I wouldn’t worry too much about him.  After all, time travelers never die, right?  Yeah…

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11 thoughts on “Twicebound: Chapter Eighteen – Part 2

  1. Chesshire

    I am…so confused. Next installment please!

  2. Interesting plot twist! 😉

  3. Aerin

    O.o no no no no…..I have a bad feeling about this. :/ don’t kill anybody please?????

  4. Puncheaux

    Gosh, Eddie is the only one functioning properly?!?!?!
    This cannot be good. Quick give us the next installment!

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