Twicebound: Chapter Twenty Eight – Part Three


The programmer watched his companion stow the last of the boring equipment on the trailer. Grease and drilling mud were spattered everywhere, closer to the computer expert’s delicate laptop than he liked, but the geologist knew what he was doing.  Getting into the Sandglass computer vault would have been next to impossible without him.

Steel clunked as the final length of pipe was tossed into place and the geologist strapped it down.  “Ready to go.  You’re sure it’ll keep them occupied?”

Running one hand through his thinning hair, the programmer tapped a key on the laptop and shrugged.  A string of code transmitted from its wireless card, a short command sent out to the little remote vehicle in the supercomputer room.  He grinned when the confirmation message popped up on the screen.  “Occupied, maybe. Distracted… definitely.  A supercomputer generates a lot of heat.”


The programmer pointed at the screen.  One window showed the video feed from the remote vehicle.  It was focused on the supercomputer interface, which had brought up an alert, but it was difficult to read.  A red, flickering glare shone off the screen, partially blinding the video camera.  The geologist squinted at the image.  “Is that… fire?”  In answer to his question, the remote vehicle slipped – its USB plug snapping off – and crashed to the floor as the plastic underneath it melted away.  The camera sparked and went dead, leaving the last few kilobytes of data frozen on the laptop’s screen.  Flames were rippling up the sides of the supercomputer’s memory towers.

A siren went off a quarter mile away and both men started in surprise.  They had known the fire alarms would sound at the facility, but they were intent on the remote’s transmission.  Emergency lights flashed red in the distance as the Sandglass facility exploded into a frenzy of flame-suppressing activity.

The geologist chuckled.  “So far, so good.  Now for the fun part.”

“Fun part?”

“Sure.  Haven’t YOU ever wanted to ram a work truck through a security door?”

With a tolerant shake of his head, the programmer closed his laptop and locked it into a heavily padded case.  It would probably have to be left behind when they made their escape, but he liked to imagine it might survive when they crashed the truck into the Sandglass facility’s front entrance.

End Chapter  28 – Part 3

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