Twicebound: Chapter Twenty Eight – Part Two


“They got it to work.”  Trepidation flooded the words, but the reply was matter-of-fact.

“Of course, they did.  They’ve got government funding and Armelle’s research.  Even where her stuff doesn’t work, they can just throw money at the problems until they go away.  It was just a matter of time.”  The speaker ran a hand through his thinning hair, then tapped a series of keys on his laptop. A garbled file, transmitted wirelessly from the little spy vehicle to his computer, popped open on the screen.  It was encrypted, but a few seconds with a brute-force password breaking program untangled the mess of hexadecimal code.

“That was way too easy.”  He started to comb his hair back again, but stopped himself and screwed the top off a bottle of water. “Nobody bothered with encrypting this stuff properly.”

The man beside him rubbed grease from his hands with a fresh rag.  “Why would they?  That data was buried thirty feet underground behind solid limestone.  Nobody’s that paranoid.”  He grinned.  “They should be, though.  So, any information on Armelle?”

“Not as such, no, but there’s no way she’s not in there.  This report says three people broke in, one of them sent two through the STAd, and got flash-banged for the trouble, right before the other two came back through.”

“That’s Armelle, alright. Nobody else would be crazy enough to try that.”

A curious look came over the programmer’s face. “I’m not so sure about that.  Look; the one that stayed behind?  It wasn’t a woman; the report always says “he” or the “trespasser”.  There was a woman there, but this says she was one of the ones that time-jumped.”

They stared at the file for several minutes.  “Who would stay behind after breaking into a government facility?”

“More importantly, who else besides Armelle knows how to operate an STAd without a manual?”

End Chapter  28 – Part 2

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