Twicebound: Chapter Twenty Five – Part Three


Vančura sprinted into the STAd room, making for a row of controls and display screens on the far side.  Armelle – who was right behind him – didn’t remember seeing them before.  They weren’t part of the control system she was familiar with, so she assumed they’d been installed in the years she and Eddie had time-jumped.  She slowed enough to let Benwright catch up to her.

“What’s all this?”

He answered, but didn’t take his eyes off the screens. “It lets us keep track of any other time machines that open a temporal aberration.  We can track time, place, even duration if we get lucky.  Look, there…”  He pointed to one of the screens.  On it, a three dimensional image of the globe spun slowly, with a red dot flashing on the African continent.  “That’s where it opened.”

Vančura pressed a button on the control panel and one of the screens switched to show a sine wave.  It fluctuated gently, spiking drastically every few seconds, then dropping back into its rhythm.  The latitude and longitude blinked above it, showing the time-machine’s location within a mile.  When Vančura saw it, he didn’t look happy.  “Someone built another one. Benwright, get on the line and see if any of our contacts know exactly where it might be.”

Armelle grabbed the technician’s arm before he could leave.  “Wait.  Do we have access to imaging satellites?”

Vančura answered for him. “I have access, yes.  It would take weeks to get a specific location from satellites, though.  Finding someone in the CIA or one of the other bureaus who already knows will be faster.”

“We don’t need old images, we need new ones.  Current ones.”

Both of them stared at her.  “What are you thinking?”

She pointed at the STAd control system.  “Does that still work?”

“Of course.” Benwright stepped over to it and pressed a button, bringing power lights on and starting a series of soft beeps.  “Why?”

Vančura had been watching Armelle.  Now, he nodded to Benwright.  “Start the pre-firing system.  I think I know what she wants to do.”  He turned back to her.  “Give me a minute to find a live video feed of the area.”

End Chapter  25 – Part 3

Everybody knows the future has better tech!

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