Twicebound: Chapter Twenty Four – Part Three


“I don’t think this is actually possible, Vančura.”

He shrugged and regarded her critically.

“Benwright says it is and he’s had to think up ways to make it work.  You’ve had two hours.  I find myself inclined to believe him, instead of you.”

Armelle’s eyes narrowed and something behind them caught fire, but he put it out by interrupting her before she got started.

“Don’t take it like that.  If I wanted to be insulting, I’d be doing a much better job of it.  Frankly, between the two of you, you’re more likely to be right than Benwright is, regardless of how much time he’s had to study the problem.  There’s a lot of reasons for that, but the fact that you came up with the time-machine theory is probably the most important.  What you’re missing is that it doesn’t matter.

Unsurprisingly, Eddie – now sitting across from them – nodded as if he understood every word.  Armelle just looked confused.

“How could it not matter?  If he’s wrong, it’s not going to work.  That seems kind of important.”

After rescuing the last fortune cookie from Eddie, Vančura grinned at her.

“Not if you look at it in the right way.  It has to work, so that we can go back in time and build this machine to shut down all time travel for good.  If it doesn’t work…”

Realization whacked her in the back of the head and she did a decent impression of a surprised African bush-baby.

“Uhm.  I really hope I’m wrong, now.  Thanks, Vančura.”

The last part was accompanied by a glare, but he wasn’t perturbed.

“My pleasure.  I’m always glad to give people a chance to experience new and unpleasant things.  So, you see, if you can’t get this to work, we’re stuck with a world full of people who can muck around in time whenever they like.  Just thinking about it ought to terrify you; it certainly does me.”

Across the table, Eddie winked at him and looked around to make sure there wasn’t anything left to eat.

“It don’t scare me none, Vančura.  I figures enny time-line wid food innit can’t be all bad.”


End Chapter  24 – Part 3

Pardon the lateness of this installment; today was weird and busy and I only just got a chance to sit down.

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