Twicebound: Chapter Twenty Nine – Part One


Eddie thought about being bored.  Not that he was, but he figured he should be, so he considered it.  He also considered being scared, but since he already was, there didn’t seem to be much point in thinking about it.  A mere half an hour of interrogation had convinced Colonel Bosze that Eddie didn’t know anything, but it left the little man certain he would be executed as soon as the Colonel had a moment to spare.  He knew from experience (past and past-future) that he couldn’t get out of the cell on his own, which left him entirely alone with his thoughts and no way to escape.

Fear, hunger, and thinking were a tiring combination as far as he was concerned, so he spent the majority of the time lying on his bunk recuperating.  He had just drifted off when a vibration thrummed through the wall and into the metal framework of the bed.  Without opening his eyes, he turned over and wrapped the cheap blanket around his head.  The shaking didn’t come again, but two minutes later, a dull rattle-pop sounded over and over.  It didn’t seem to have a rhythm, until he noticed a rough pattern.  A few pops would sound, followed by a pause, followed by more pops.  No matter how many pops there were, there was always a pause.

Bolt upright on the bunk, his head still wrapped in the blanket, Eddie realized what it was.  Gunfire.  A lot of gunfire, directed at someone who was very good at not getting hit.

Anyone who was getting shot at by Colonel Bosze’s men and surviving was somebody Eddie wanted to meet.  Preferably after that somebody rescued him from his cell.

End Chapter  29 – Part 1

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5 thoughts on “Twicebound: Chapter Twenty Nine – Part One

  1. Steph

    All of these twists and turns! I don’t know how you keep it all straight in your head? 😀 Time travel is a tricky business.


      Uh… straight? Who says I keep it straight? 😀 I just have to make sure all the twists get folded back into the storyline and I’m good. That’s the great thing about time travel: anything you forget to remember you can always attribute to time travel and it makes for an even better story. 😉

      • Steph


  2. If he gets rescued still wearing that turban, I’m going to die laughing. 🙂


      It’s kind of up in the air. He may have to rescue himself, in which case he’ll at least have to push it up out of his eyes….

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