Twicebound: Chapter Twenty – Part Two


The colonel paced back and forth impatiently.  Vančura watched him, face impassive.  At length, Bosze leaned over his desk and pressed the intercom button again.

“Well, Benwright?

He waited, then glanced at Vančura and back at the intercom.  Nothing.  With an exasperated curse, he reached for the button again.  He had barely managed to push it when the door to his office flew open and Benwright precipitated himself in a chair beside Vančura.

“We’ve got major trouble, colonel, the logs say it generated two space-time abberations in the last twenty four hours, not two minutes apart, and the sensor readings from incidents are consistent with temporal translation of mass equivalent to an adult human, but the real problem is the STAd fried itself when it activated again so soon without a cool down, it wasn’t designed for that and the heat sinks couldn’t disperse the thermal build up fast enough.”

He fired off the last words and took a deep breath, staring at Bosze as if he expected the man to leap into action on the spot.  The colonel, however, just stared back, then blinked.

“Shift your mouth of overdrive and try that again.  But condense it into one sentence and answer the question I actually asked.”

Benwright squinted into space as he tried to catch his breath.

“Okay… yes, it looks like two people went through.”

“Can you tell when they went?”

The tech looked sick.

“Forward, sir.  They’re somewhere in the future.”

Bosze’s eyes flicked to Vančura, then back to Benwright.  He tapped a finger on the desk slowly, marshaling his thoughts.

“Do we have any idea where they went?”

“Uh… well, sir, if you want a real answer to that question, it’s going to sound… science-y.”


“Yes, sir.”

After sending an all-enduring look up toward the ceiling, Bosze nodded.

“Okay.  If you have to.  But hurry up; we may not any time to waste.  Whoever he sent through,  we’ve got a head start on them, but we can’t afford to lose it, not when we don’t know how far ahead they are.”


End Chapter  20– Part 2

This installment of Twicebound is the very first thing I’ve written in 2016!!!  As such, I feel like I have to make at least one New Year resolution for the serial.

I think I’ll start making it intriguing and totally surprising, with plot twists at every corne…. what?  I’ve already done that?


See!?  I’m so good at this, I’ve got my New Years resolutions nailed before I’ve even made them!

Happy New Year, ya’ll.  We’ve been given another 366 blank pages to work with.  Make every one of ’em count.


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  1. Chessi Gunter

    “Shift your mouth out of overdrive and try that again.” that’s brilliant 🙂

  2. Bri

    you did leave the out of that sentence though.

  3. Bri

    Great installment

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