Twicebound: Chapter Twenty Seven – Part Three


 Bosze rubbed his eyes, not for the first time, and glared at Armelle. “Look, we’ll let you go if you just talk!”

“We both know that’s not true, Colonel. I’m the only time-traveler you have.  Even if you trusted me, you still wouldn’t let me leave here.”  Armelle’s head was on her crossed arms on the table and she sounded tired.  After the first hour, the aluminum chair was hurting her legs and she couldn’t stand up, since they had handcuffed her to a ring on the table.  Lying on the metal table wasn’t much better, but the steel was cool and her arms kept the light out of her eyes.

With a grunt, Bosze lowered himself into the chair opposite her.  He looked as if he hadn’t slept since his men had captured Vančura and he was on fifth cup of coffee since the interrogation had started.

“Fine, so we can’t let you go.  But you aren’t the only time-traveler I have to work on.  The short guy…”  He glanced at the files he’d scattered dashed onto the floor earlier, trying to intimidate her. “…Edward Kaul.  He’ll probably tell me everything he knows if I offer him a box of doughnuts and a hotdog.”

“Do you have a piece of notebook paper?”

He leaned forward, fatigue replaced by a spark of cautious expectation. “Yeah.”

“Fold it in half.”

Bosze blinked, but folded the sheet.  “What’s with this?”  He twirled it in his fingers, as if he expected the creased paper to suddenly show him the solution to his problem.

Armelle giggled.  It was quiet at first, then it shook her whole body, half-hysterical amusement fueled by weariness and tension.  “Go give him those doughnuts. Half a sheet of paper should be enough to hold everything Eddie knows!”  Her laughter started to shake the table, then stopped abruptly.

The colonel was quiet for a moment.  “Okay.  If you want to make this ugly, I’ll take it as far as you want to go.”  He rose and dropped the folded paper on the table in front of her, then went out.  The man on guard saluted, then realized Bosze was holding something out to him; a yellow order slip, with the colonel’s signature and a scribbled statement on it.


“Give her thirty minutes.  If she decides to talk, come get me.  If she doesn’t, go shoot the man that came through the STAd with her.”

End Chapter  27 – Part 3


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  1. aerin

    *grabs Armelle and hugs her*
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      Yes, well… I AM an author. It’s the job description, right?

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