Twicebound: Chapter Twenty Seven – Part Two

Header27-2The Sandglass facility’s cells were almost comfortable and familiar.  It was as if the prison block was the one steady point in the unpredictable shifting as the three of them shifted gears on time without a clutch. They always seemed to end up back in the cells.

Vančura leaned back against the wall and pulled his feet up on his bunk.  His ears were still ringing from the flash grenade and he was sore from being thrown to the floor, but he had more important things to think about.  Armelle and Eddie had made it through the knothole and had been sent back.  That was good, as far as it went.

He needed to know what they’d found, though, and they were both in different cells.  Bosze would never let any of them near the STAd, not after they’d broken in and used it.  Worse, he’d certainly interrogate Eddie and Armelle; they were confirmed time-travelers and the colonel needed all the information he could get his hands on.  First-hand reports would go a long way towards getting his “broken” time machine repaired.

What no-one seemed to have realized yet was that it was Vančura who knew that the time-machine wasn’t actually damaged.  Everyone was concentrating on the scientist and her less-than-useful companion who had both popped into current-time in front of them.  That gave Vančura an edge.

It wasn’t much, but it was all he had.  They’d gotten the information they needed from the future, but they’d changed the course of events he knew.  Everything in the future was really the future now; it wasn’t part of a future past he’d seen before.

He grinned and touched his nose, gently, and his fingers came back a little bloody.  It occurred to him that maybe Armelle had given him another edge.  She’d punched him, but she couldn’t have been furious with current-him.  The plan had worked and they’d gone through the knothole before getting caught.  She had to be angry with future-him and simply taken it out on current-him at the first opportunity.

Which meant he was still alive ten-odd years in the future.  He’d managed to survive capture by Bosze and Armelle had met him on the other side of the temporal aberration.

If he’d done it once, he could do it again.

End Chapter  27 – Part 2

Okay, Vančura has to figure out how to survive this mess.. only this time, he knows he can succeed, because he did/will-do it before.  But the first time around, he had to prepare for Armelle and Eddie to come through the STAd and this time, they’ll be with him.  So… has he actually done it?

*author is currently cross-eyed from thinking about it*


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