Twicebound: Chapter Twenty Six – Part Three


“Le’s go, Armelle.”  Eddie glanced around, taking in the scene in his slow way.  His gaze lingered on Vančura for a moment, then he walked to the STAd and stepped onto the platform. “Gotcher beamer, Scotty?”

The big man gave him a slight smile and nodded to Benwright.  “Send him back.  One minute later than they went through.”  He looked at Eddie again. “Kaul, would you do me a favor?”

Eddie raised one eye at him, while the other twitched in a barely detectable wink.  “Don’ worry.  I gotcha.”

Benwright fired the STAd, the hum of the machine crested, and Eddie vanished amid the scream of ruptured space-time.  The main capacitors began to recharge, whining as electricity poured into them, readying it for the next firing.  Armelle stepped onto the platform, steadying herself on the hand rails.

Benwright was at the controls, but Vančura was gone, the doors swinging behind him.  She watched them rock on their hinges, then sighed as the rising whine from the time-machine signaled the capacitors were almost charged.

“He’s not the same.”

“I haven’t noticed..”

She frowned.  “Twelve years is a long time, Benwright, but even you couldn’t miss that.”

“Maybe not. I just haven’t noticed that he’s changed.”

Armelle bit her lip, but she couldn’t think of anything to say to that.  She watched Benwright reached for the button and a thought stuck her. “Wait!” He paused, looking puzzled, and she rushed on.

“Did my people ever come here?  They’d have wanted to help, if they could.  Surely they found out where I went?  They were never far behind us, even through all the time jumps.”

The technician swallowed.  “Vančura’s right, Armelle.”

“What?”  She shook her head in confusion.

He tapped the button and capacitors crackled as the STAd dumped a rending bolt of electricity straight into time.  The room flashed white, but she could just catch his last words.

“You do have a lot of people to save.

End Chapter  26 – Part 2

Busy week, busy night.  Still, Twicebound gets written.  Whatever goes on in it is usually as much a shock to me as it is to you guys, but recently things have begun falling into place.  That might mean something.

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  1. Steph

    That was a good last line there ?


      Thanks! I started writing that episode and that line just materialized. Once it did, it HAD to go in. 😀

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