Updates: Contest and Novella

It’s been a while since the last general update, so I decided Tuesday needed one.  (After all, what else has Tuesday got going for it?)

NoWabbits To start with, the Hunter Fan Art Contest has been running for almost two weeks now and has one week to go. (the deadline has been extended to Monday)  I’m dying to see what you guys have come up with and I really hope all of you entered! If you haven’t entered yet, go sign up now!!!   Seven days is PLENTY of time to work up some clever fan art, right?

On the story front, those of you who get my newsletter know that the 1st quarter of the sci-fi novella ‘Thundercrest’ is about for beta-readers.  It’s a parachuteretro-historical science-fiction story, but it’s easier to just call it science-fiction.  It should be going out at the beginning of May, but that’s tentative.  As you can see if you take a handwritingcloser look at that notebook, my handwriting is really terrible, so transferring it to the computer is a little harder than you’d think.  The going is steady, though, so if you’re on my newsletter mailing list, sign up to beta-read ‘Thundercrest’.  (That’s only if you like reading adventure, sci-fi, historical fiction, and action.  Obviously.)

Also, as I mentioned a few weeksspartan-warriors-2 ago, I began working on an old WIP again recently.  “Breaking Empire”, my second foray into epic fantasy, is back under way for the first time in months.  If my luck (and enthusiasm) holds out, you should be getting a few sneak peeks into the world of “Breaking Empire” sometime soon.  I’ve kept this story very much under my hat, so to speak.  However, I and everyone who’s commented on the excerpted prologue (as well as my beta reader, who’s read the first 2 chapters) think the plot has tons of potential.  The biggest problem with it is the author; I’m terrified I won’t do it the justice it deserved.  That fear won’t stop me, of course, but it is a definite factor in the time it will take to finish!

21 thoughts on “Updates: Contest and Novella

  1. Awesome!! I’m hoping to get some fan art done…but need to re-read my copies of both hunter stories first to get ideas!! 🙂

    • I’m hoping you get it done!! XD I’m eager to see what people come up with. 🙂

  2. Thundercrest sounds interesting; if I wasn’t so bogged down with my own editing I’d help out.
    Breaking Empire is a cool title! I’m looking forward to reading some sneak peeks. 😀

    • If my concept of it is anything to go by, it ought to be interesting!! I’m doing my best. 😀

      And Breaking Empire… ah, my nemesis. Such an awesome idea, I’m terrified to try writing it. XD I’m looking forward to giving ya’ll some sneak peeks. 😉

      • You sound like me right now *tears*. V Chronicles is my nemesis but also love. I know it’s a cool story, but I hope I’m capable enough to make it be the best it can be. Oh the woes of writing! X) Know you’re not alone in that nervous feeling, and go for it–Start writing that awesome Breaking Empire! 😀

        • Yup, yup, yup. It’s awful to know you’ve got a great story waiting, but not know if you can pull it off. XD

          • Is this the Story Nemesis Club? Where do I sign up? Why do we do this to ourselves? Oh, yeah, that’s right, we’re writers, it’s in our genetic make-up or something…! 😀

          • I think it must be… but I didn’t know there was a member roster.

          • Maybe we should have one? Who knows, there may be other poor souls out there with a great story to tell, chewing their fingernails over whether they’ll do it justice? 🙂

          • I’m guessing there are. I mean, surely we three aren’t the ONLY ones, right?

          • Exactly! #thedramaofbeinganauthor XD

          • ROTFL. It’s an occupational hazard, right?

          • Right! 😀 I’ve got my helmet on, and shield ready.

          • ROTFL. Better get the rest of your armor, too.

          • I can’t carry any more than that (weak muscles), so I’ll improvise, somehow!

          • I suggest power-armor, then! 😀

          • power-armor, that’d be sweet! My own version of Iron Man. 😀

          • I was thinking the Master Chief, but Iron man works, too. 😀

          • Master Chief would be more awesome! 😀

          • The Master Chief is always awesome. His call sign is “n+ 1” where ‘n’ is assumed to be ‘awesome’. 😀

          • Sad to say this, but… there is no “n” in “awesome”. Yep, sad truth. *tears*

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