What am I doing here……..

Today, you guys get a status list of all my current writing projects and exactly why I’m writing this blog instead of working on them.  Some of you may know most of these projects, but I can guarantee that none of you know all of them.  The coolest thing about this status list (95% of the reason I decided to make it) is that I’m my own boss.

See, if I had to present a status report at a regular job, my boss would expect me to actually be doing something about it.  As it is, I like to make status reports and look at them, wondering which story I’m going to procrastinate on writing next.  Want to help?  If so, just leave me a comment, telling me which project you’d like to see worked on, and I’ll start procrastinating on it immediately.

Every Blade of Grass – status: awaiting 4th edit my first finished novel, currently awaiting 4th edit.  Fortunately, I’m not the one procrastinating here.  I hired my two oldest sisters as editors and THEY are procrastinating.  I’m just sitting here hoping I’ll actually have a book left when they’re done with it………..

From Every Mountain – status: currently on hold at 10K sequel to EBOG.  I’ve put this aside for the moment, allowing myself a breather from the world of EBOG.

Hunter:  Men and Mushrooms – status: in progress, approximately 1K the second installment in the series of short stories about Hunter.  This short story should be available some time in the next few weeks.

Breaking Empire – status: in progress at 3.5K the newest novel concept, one which I came up with last week and decided was too good to pass over.  I’ll be working seriously on this, attempting to finish the first draft some time soon, possibly even within the next three or four months.

Three. Two. ONE!! – status: currently on hold 30K my first action/thriller, which stalled out due to heavy work on EBOG.  Last work was in November ’13, but I’m confident that it will be finished at some point.  The concept isn’t perfectly original, but the style is definitely worth finishing.


Note- if you’d like to see a list of all my work, finished and unfinished, check out the Library.

3 thoughts on “What am I doing here……..

  1. Wow! There’s a lot going on! Thought I was busy with novel, which is on hold at moment, and two short stories. This puts my list to shame! 🙂

    • Hahaha. Well, most of those projects have been back-burnered for Hunter, but they ARE still to-be-finished. 🙂

      • A lot sound really interesting, especially EBOG! 🙂

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