What’s next?

Seriously, guys.  What’s next?  You’ve been reading, hopefully enjoying, and just watching in general.  Why not “stick your oar in” and “add your two cents” (or a dollar)?  In other words, make some suggestions!  I’m nearly finished with my most recent short story, “Lifter“, and though I’m still working on my full-length novel, there’s still some time left for more shorts.

The last two short stories haven’t made an appearance on here yet, due to the fact that I’m going to submit them to Clarkesworld magazine.  According to their submissions page, that means they can’t be publicly available on the web.  So, since my most recent work can’t be on here, free to read, I figured you guys deserved a story, just for you.

So, tell me what you want to read!  If most of you agree on a specific story, I’ll write that.  Otherwise, I’ll write in whatever genre appears most often in the comments.  Go, go, go!  The “comment button” is easy to see!

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