What’s up…besides the ceiling and my spirits

Well, guys, time has come for another authorly status update.  I feel like I need to give you one every once in a while, just so you don’t get the idea that I spend all my time goofing off.  (which couldn’t be closer to the truth, but you don’t need to know that)

So, without further ado, pomp, egotistical tales of my exploits. display, or ceremony (bored yet?) here’s the current status report for my writing.  It hasn’t changed TOO much, but there are some new things on it.


Lifter – status: approximately 1K – this short story is my first full sci-fi work, intended for Clarkesworld magazine.  Should be finished by next week.

Every Blade of Grass – status: STILL awaiting 4th edit – hint, hint – my first finished novel, currently awaiting 4th edit.  I hired my two oldest sisters as editors and THEY are procrastinating.

From Every Mountain – status: currently on hold at 10K sequel to EBOG. Still on hold.

Hunter:  Men and Mushrooms – status: in progress, approximately 1K Badly stalled out.  My alpha reader and I read what was written and came to the conclusion that it DIDN’T SOUND right.  All the way through.  Placed on hold indefinitely.

Hunter: Make a Monkey Out of Me – status: 1st draft complete, waiting for beta reader input, 2nd draft – The second completed installment in the Hunter stories, finished last week and being prepared to send to Clarkesworld magazine.

Hunter: Thirty Miles In – status: approximately 1K – The newest Hunter story, moving along slowly, but surely.  Should be done sometime this month.

Breaking Empire – status: in progress at 9.7K still in progress, but it has slowed down some as I catch up on school and attempt to get one of my short stories in shape to send to a magazine.  Progressing at about 2K per week.

Three. Two. ONE!! – status: currently on hold 30K my first action/thriller, which stalled out due to heavy work on EBOG.  Last work was in November ’13, but I’m confident that it will be finished at some point.  The concept isn’t perfectly original, but the style is definitely worth finishing.

As my regular readers can see, there’s a few more stories on here than there were last time, but that is because of the extra work going into certain stories.  Two of my shorts are going to a sci-fi magazine, so my sandpaper is wearing out as I polish them as much as I possibly can.  The list should start getting shorter here in the next week or so, as I finished the various short stories I’m in the middle of.

For those of you unfamiliar with the works on the list, this post “What am I doing here” has some more detail on the stories, rather than JUST a status report.

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