Writing For Readers

That’s what we do.  We write our novels, our short stories, our flash-fictions, all of it… for readers.  We write for ourselves, too, but if it was just us, we’d never need to put it on paper.


If we were just writing because we love to write, we’d get half-way through the novel and stop, because we got bored and it’s not fun anymore.  Writer’s block is actually writer’s boredom and it can make writing even the best story drag after a while.  After all, we already know the ending!  Why slug it out with all those extra words?

And how about editing?  Editing a short story over four drafts is unpleasant, at the very least.  Editing a 100,000 word novel is murder. When you start with a multi-book series, it takes on a whole new dimension of awful.  Writing is great (most of the time). Editing… has only one redeeming quality; it makes the story better for our readers.

A excerpt from my “Hunter” short story “Make a Monkey Out of Me”. This page actually has fewer edit notes than most!

Writers write for readers.  That’s the way it is.  Have fun reading, because there wouldn’t be any point to my job without you.

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