Writing Safari 2#: Starting Out

Writing Safari 2#
Starting Out


Once you’ve got all your gear together and you’re ready to get going on your literary safari.  You’re ready for the hunt, ready to face even the fiercest phrase in its natural habitat.

Before you set out, however, your guide gives you some tips to keep you alive and tapping those keys.

Safari Tips

  1. Provisions come first! 
    Your thinking and strength are impaired if you’re hungry.  Struggling to hit the space bar through a pall of starvation is no way to write a novel.
  2. Stay hydrated.
    Plenty of liquid is mandatory, be it water, juice, tea, or coffee.
    Ignore the fools who say coffee will dehydrate you.  Just
    make sure you don’t drink so much your hands are
    shaky and can’t hit the keys accurately.
  3. Writer’s block is in your head.
    Basically, if you think you have writer’s block, you’re going to get writer’s block.
    If you’re badly blocked, get up run around your house three times.
    Your brain will have an allergic reaction to the activity and start
    churning out
    creative ideas in response.
  4. Send regular updates to alpha readers.
    They’re like your compass, sextant, and charts.  If you get
    sidetracked, they can help you get back on the trail.
    And if you take to long to get where you’re going, they’ll
    tell you all about it. For months.
  5. Watch out for Sub-Plot Buffalo.
    You WILL run into them.  And, as every good safari hunter
    knows, a wounded
    Sub-Plot Buffalo is the most
    dangerous prey in the world.  If you must hunt Sub-Plot
    Buffalo, dispose of them in one shot, or they’ll circle around
    and attack you from the rear, just as you’re giving the
    Main Plot its coup-de-gras.

Of course, those aren’t the only tips your safari guide has for you.  They are, however, the ones that he feels you should know before you even reach the trail.  Onward!

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